Kathleen Dixon for Vancouver Quadra!

Kathleen is a business executive, professional geologist, entrepreneur, a classically trained singer, athlete and outdoor enthusiast. Her two children, life partner, John, and golden retriever, Lola, are the great loves of her life.  She is an active cyclist, golfer and skier. Her daughter studies creative writing at the University of Victoria, and her son excels at athletics at the national level while he completes high school.

A University of British Columbia graduate, Kathleen began her career in Vancouver.  She is intimately connected to Vancouver Quadra, with family and many friends living in the community. Kathleen is a Vice President of Investment Banking and has worked in mergers and acquisitions since 2010. She worked for a decade as a professional geologist in the oil and gas sector. Prior to that, she applied her business acumen, geology expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to take public a junior mineral exploration company focused on Nevada gold exploration.

Kathleen holds a BSc in Geology from the University of British Columbia, an MBA from the University of Durham, England and has been a Professional Geologist since 1996. Kathleen decided to enter politics because she is passionately dedicated to making Canada an even better place to live.  She is deeply concerned by the economic damage, inept handling of critical issues, and international embarrassment that Canada has suffered under the Justin Trudeau government.

 “As a Conservative, I fully support the fiscally responsible and socially moderate policies of the Conservative Party of Canada. I will help facilitate a return to balanced budgets, strong interprovincial trade and lower personal taxes for all Canadians. I want to see Canada return to a stable economic environment that will attract and sustain investment into Canada. I see this as the best way to grow the economy, protect our environment and create a tax base that can support the much-loved social programs that ensure all Canadians can excel.”

It would be an honour to represent Vancouver Quadra in the House of Commons. As your Member of Parliament, I will be a clear, fresh, strong voice from our constituency to address issues that are of interest and concern to the citizens of Vancouver Quadra.